The Creation lamp

And finally the third winner voted by the BlenderArtists community Xander Clerckx coming from Belgium with the Creation lamp shade, and indeed a great design. Just the lampshade without a lamp base looks astonishing. Some of the guys on the team thought it might be a good idea to build it in bronze, but transparency and bronze do not really go together. In the end we settled for polyamide. We had to do some additional adjustments to the model before we could put it into production. Our support handled those in cooperation with Xander, the result is an astonishing lamp with nice shadow effects. Here is the final product: We started our very own facebook fan page and twitter account, so everyone is welcome to join in and submit their designs. Feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion here on the blog as well. We are really looking forward to ideas on what we could improve on the website and with the service. Keep on designing guys! Alex i.materialise team