Open Source 3D printing goes psychadelic

Previously we spoke about the Open3dp project by the Solheim Lab of the University of Washington. One of the exciting things they are working on is in cloning the RepRap Prusa. The Prusa is the simplest 3D printer in the stable of the open source 3D printer RepRap Project. A team of students managed to create molds that let them mold most of the body of the 3D printer within half an hour, they called the result Clonedels. Now the team has been playing some more with the molding and the result is very psychadelic.

The Clonedel parts they made this time has molded in colors. And the team went for a crazy crazy color palette that turns the solid RepRaps into something that would have fit well into a 1970”s Haight-Ashbury or a 2005 That 70s Show.  The RepRaps look like Jackson Pollock went to town on them. This makes the RepRap positively the only 3D printer for the late Mr. Timothy Leary.