New: Titanium online pricing and textures in 3D Printlab

We’re happy to anounce to you the following updates on our website: our trial period for titanium is over and you’re now able to see your uploaded 3D design with texture ánd color!

From now on we can serve you with exact online prices and details about the designs on our website . The maximum size we offer is 200 x 250 x 400 mm. The minimum wall thickness for your design has to be at least 0,2 millimeter, the minimum detail size 0,1. Titanium can be great for jewelry because you normally can’t have any allergic reaction from it. And although it’s not the cheapest material to work with, it’s definitely the strongest material you can 3D print.

The second update is about your uploaded 3D designs. Before, when you uploaded your design, you just saw your 3D model in grey, but those days are over: from now on you can see your design in full color!
Next to that:  when you upload a compressed file in the 3D print lab (obj, mtl and images) you can see textures to have a better view on the design you’ll order

Have a great time designing!