Website Re-Design: Discover The All New i.materialise Website

As you have probably already noticed, quite a few things have changed on our website today. now offers more information, a new & responsive design, new features, and a new navigation process to our users. Let’s take a look at how the new i.materialise website works.


1. Design: Learn to Create Printable 3D Models

The design section is all about creating and preparing 3D printable models. It holds all the information about turning your idea into a 3D file and preparing this file for 3D printing. You can take a detailed look at all of our 3D printing materials, browse through our vast collection of tutorials, find out which 3D modeling software is right for you, find help from professional 3D designers, or offer your own 3D modeling skills.


2. Buy: Go On a Shopping Spree

Are you thinking about buying a 3D printed item rather than designing it yourself? Then visit our 3D printing marketplace where hundreds of designers sell their jewelry designs, pieces of art, scale models, or home decor items. Also make sure to stop by the ‘Customizable Products’ shop section where you can tweak existing designs and co-create unique products.


3. Sell: The Business of 3D Printing

Learn about the numerous ways you can make money with 3D printing: as a designer you can open your own shop and sell your designs. Businesses can connect to our API for a smooth and automated production process. Startups can learn more about how to use crowdfunding for their 3D printed products. Find out how you can use 3D printing to take your business ideas to new heights.


4. Learn: Find Answers to Your Questions

Ask us anything and get help from our community. You can get in touch with us or join conversations in our forum in this section of the website. Furthermore you can learn about the 3D printing technologies we use, or browse the frequently asked questions. From shipping costs to supported 3D file formats – if you need an answer to something, you will find it here.


5. Inspire: Be Part of a Community

See what others are creating and what’s going on in our community recently. Discover new 3D printing stories and interviews on our blog, join our frequent design challenges, or see which event we’re attending next. This is the place to get inspired and connect with us.


You will also notice that using our site is displayed much better on phones and tablets now. While our (responsive) website may look different, one thing hasn’t changed. You can still upload your 3D models via the big red button at the top right corner and order a high quality 3D print in 100+ materials and finishes. Keep on creating stunning 3D prints and enjoy our new website!