Multicolor as part of a bigger Story

Multicolor is a wonderful material to use for its wide range of colors but many designers also tend to use it for different purposes. Take the work of Canadian designers Digital Statues as example. Their work gets 3D printed in monochrome multicolor which looks a bit like polyamide when it comes out the machines. These sculptures are then hand-painted to accentuate and highlight the facial features. Examples of this can be seen in the images below.

Grandpa by Digital Statues

To find out more about the great services that Digital Statues provide you can visit their website at

A similar process is applied by Dutch artist Ilse Vermeulen who designed the adorable Mr. Collodi (pictured below) and went as far as dressing him up with custom made clothing. Again here you’ll see that she got her model 3D printed in monochrome multicolor and sprayed it afterwards.

For Mr. Collodi II by Ilse Vermeulen

For Mr. Collodi by Ilse Vermeulen

To see more of Ilse Vermeulen’s creative work you can visit her website at

So as you can see, multicolor is also a material with multi-functions. If you prefer painting or spraying on three dimensional surfaces yourself, why not try it out on a monochrome multicolor print? You’d might end up just finding that right combination of material and color.

Whether you are a traditional artist or a user of the wonderful Google SketchUp who designs and prints their dream houses in this material… a colorful solution is available for both and everything in between.