Do you remember Mr. Bones? He was the guest star in our Halloween movie last month. Now that it’s Halloween he decided to join our HQ team for a day and show you around!

Before I give a tour, I need to convince our Marketing Manager Katrien that I'm the right man for the Halloween job.


Okay, let the tour begin! First stop: Dima's desk. He's one of our support engineers who follows up your 3D printing projects.

Dropping by at Bert's, our Product Designer. 'Can you make me a Mrs. Bones, please?'

Going downstairs to one of the many rooms full of 3D printers. 'Do I look good in this picture?'


Moving forward to the showroom. I like that bling bling material.

Just chillin' with my fellow polyamide friends.

This rubber-like ball is so much fun to play with!


Time for a nap at this 3D printed lounge chair 'Roots' by Kol/Mac . Wow, this thing is huge.


On my walk to another production area I bump on this cool car: the first 3D printed racecar (Areion by Formula Group T) in the world!


They're 3D printing some fellow polyamide friends: I like!


Printjob is done, let's dig them out from under the powder!


Ending my day in shipment. This box is going to the Maker Faire in Tokyo: maybe they won't notice me?