LIX: The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World

Big things occasionally come in small packages. Earlier this month we blogged about Spor, a pocket-sized solar charger in a 3D-printed case, but there are plenty of other Kickstarter campaigns that bring innovative 3D printing technologies into reality. If you have a passing interest in 3D printing, then you’ve most certainly read about the smallest 3D printing pen in the world, LIX.

Not only did LIX blow its Kickstarter goal of £30,000 ($50,277) out of the water two hours after launching its crowdfunding campaign, they did what all crowdfunders aspire to – their vision became a reality. When the bell rang and the fat lady sang, LIX had 8,030 backers pledge a total of £731,690 ($1,226,239.27).

Lix 3D pen

Drawing 3D models with LIX

LIX 3D pen2

Handy size, just like a normal pen

Designed by Delphine Eloise Wood, Ismail Baran, and Anton Suvorov, LIX works with both ABS and PLA filament, and has the ability to be powered from a USB port. Just like 3D printers, LIX melts and cools colored plastic, allowing the designer to create free-standing objects only limited by the imagination.

insert ABS and PLA

Inserting ABS and PLA filament. The red code is connected to a USB port.

With funding fully in place, LIX expects to start mass production in August with the first pens set to arrive to funders in September 2014. For those who missed out on the discount founder pricing, the LIX 3D Pen is expected to sell for £85 ($140 USD) while the LIX Ball pen will sell for £35 ($60) USD.


Great examples to showcase what you can draw in the air with LIX

lix object

An impressive object drawn with LIX

What would you create with the LIX pen?