Impossible 3D printed Penrose Triangle: solved?

Artur Tchoukanov, the dsigner of the new 3D printed paperclip the Infinite Clip, loves topology and design. This is why he became intrigued by yesterday’s blog post about Ulrich Schwanitz’s impossible penrose triangle on FastCoDesign. Mr. Schwanitz would have seemed to 3D print a triangle that would seem to be mathematically impossible to make. Artur thinks he”s solved Mr. Schwanitz’s riddle on how the Penrose Triangle was made. He has put his solution on Thingiverse here to share it with others. As to how Artur came up with his solution? “The first clue was that the top face was in shadow (darker)… that let me to believe that it was a concave surface. Then I figured that they all need to be connected.” Artur then designed his solution using Rhino. So we’re curious to see if Artur did solve it? Or is there another solution?

P.s, this is not some 3D printing service pissing contest. Its rather more of a topology/geek riddle thing. Fun game though.