How to open your own Shop at i.materialise

Want to show off your design talent and make some money at the same time? Offer your designs for sale in our gallery and once a month, we will pay you a fee for every one of your items sold.

Let me quickly show you in 3 short steps how that can become a reality.

Step 1: Setting Up your Gallery Items

As soon as your models are shipped, you can sell them in our gallery. They show up in your profile under gallery items . Click the edit button to fill in the title of your design, add a description, assign it to a category, add tags and add a picture.

Once in your gallery items, choose which item to edit

Step 2: Offering your item up for sale

The next step is to offer your design for sale… You do this by simply highlighting this in the appearance box. Don’t forget to set your desired designer’s fee. This will determine how much you will earn with each sale.

First make sure that all your information is correct...

... and then OFFER your item FOR SALE + setup your Designer''s Fee

Step 3: Keeping an eye on your sales and cashing in your earnings

You are all set! As soon as an item is sold, it shows up in your sales. You can start promoting your models by posting links to your designer page that holds all models you made. Once a month we will pay you out through PayPal (setting up a PayPal account is free and easy). This applies to all items that were shipped to their buyers. Your payment becomes accrued 15 days after the order has been shipped. Then, on the 15th of the month, or the first working day after the 15th, you will be paid.

Follow your sold items, your earnings and your received payments in the sales section

For additional information on setting up your shop at i.materialise, you can always visit the vendor section of our FAQ’s page. There you should be able to find detailed information to each step of this process and of course, if the answers are not there… just leave of a comment and we’ll respond you right back right here on this blog post.

Please note that this is a first version of our shop and so to improve it we appreciate your feedback. So don’t wait a second longer and start reviewing your new possible 3D printing business and try out our new shop. Who knows, you too might get some nice earnings out of it.

Remember that your public profile is the best way to self-advertise your items by sharing your new shop through the available social networks. A good example of a well managed profile is that of designer Michaella Janse van Vuuren.

Spread the word by sharing on social networks