Goodbye Tinkercad. 3DTin anyone?

It’s so sad to hear Tinkercad will disappear. But luckily it’s not the only modeler tool that works in a browser. Jayesh Salvi, founder and developer of 3DTin has ensured i.materialise the continuation of his software platform.

We haven’t heard from 3DTin in a while, but this web based CAD program is, like Tinkercad, also an app that lets you save and share the designs you make.  If you export your file you can print it through the i.materialise service.

Some people say its user interface is more complex, but Jayesh Salvi is working on that: “Over 3 years we have built a simple 3D modeling workflow in 3DTin. A lot of users who find traditional 3D modeling tools too daunting, use 3DTin to quickly put together their ideas. We have built a well thought interface for this crowd. At one point we reached a feature-complete state for 3DTin. It became clear that adding more functionality to the existing tool without careful thought is going to spoil it for our existing user-base. So we have decided to spend more time in planning phase.”

“Most importantly, we are working on CAD more advanced than you see in 3DTin today. We are constantly learning what it takes to build a professional CAD tool and how to do it in browser and leverage cloud for it. We will have some important announcements to make in coming few months. I’m very excited about it. So do stay tuned.