Get Brass Faster than Ever: Faster Lead Times!

Brass fans rejoice! Our gold-plated brass now ships out of our 3D printing factory faster than anybody else’s! Our fastest brass lead time is down to only 13 business days.

The new 13 business day lead time is for “natural” brass only, but our “gold-plated” variety has also set a record: it ships out in only 15 business days. This is currently the fastest industry lead time in the industry for gold-plated brass material.

To see an estimated arrival date tailored to your project, start by uploading your design here for free. The free quote is instantly and automatically generated. Read on for details and the latest information on all metal lead times.

A chart comparing the new lead times for i.materialise's 3D printed metal. Bass has faster lead times, and our 3D printed brass has the fastest one.

This chart contains averages, and does not guarantee that your design qualifies for the fastest lead time.

Brass is not just a budget-friendly gold alternative, but a versatile, beautiful metal renowned for its durability and antibacterial properties. First created by Romans in the 1st Century BC, brass is a material that has historically been used to save lives in hospitals, create music, protect mechanical structures from explosive sparks, and to define an entire subset of Renaissance art.

Brass is antibacterial, which is a useful quality to have in a ring. This ornate piece is Floating Sakura by Eugene & Emrys.

Brass has antibacterial properties… a useful quality to have in a ring. This one is “Floating Sakura” by Eugene & Emrys.

Our brass is created via 3D printing and a technique called lost wax casting. Gold plated brass is finely polished and electroplated with a layer of 18-carat gold. Its surface is smooth and shiny, without bulky seam lines.

Our brass material has a level of detail almost identical to that of gold, and our gold-plated variety is nearly indistinguishable. This makes brass a good choice for designs with text or lettering, or for sharp, pointed edges.

Photo of a golden colored brass bracelet by MCODE. This piece is called "Brass Bracelet Constructionist" by MCODE, courtesy of Maaike van der Horn.

3D printed brass has high accuracy for fine details, lettering, and narrow edges. This piece is called “Brass Bracelet Constructionist” by MCODE, courtesy of Maaike van der Horn.

Many people use brass for costume jewelry, chess pieces (antibacterial properties!), detailed miniatures, sculptures, or gold prototypes.

What will you design?

Disclaimer: Due to size and complexity constraints, not all designs qualify for the fastest “13 Day”  lead time. This article does not guarantee that your design will ship out in thirteen days. To get a free custom quote of your project’s estimated arrival date, upload your design here for free. Our system calculates this automatically.