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3D printed (Warhol) designs conquer RAPID 2013

3D printed (Warhol) designs conquer RAPID 2013

This year we re-introduced Andy Warhol with a 3D printed touch in Pittsburgh. Yesterday we showed you the wonderful designs of our Andy Warhol Challenge, today we’re showing you the beautiful creations of Stephen Jones and Murray Moss.

Marking one of the first times that works by Andy Warhol have been reinterpreted by 3D Printing technologies, the event, (organized to celebrate the opening of the RAPID 2013 ), featured both ‘Factory 2.0’, a series of Warhol-inspired installations spread about the museum, as well as the five finalists of our challenge. The event was a resounding success with hundreds of awestruck visitors seeing firsthand how 3D Printing is changing the way that art is conceived and made.


And the Big Winner of the Andy Warhol Challenge is….

And the Big Winner of the Andy Warhol Challenge is….

Emanuele Niri! This young Italian designer will take his own print home. The jury was very surprised by the beauty of his design and the link with Andy Warhol.

Here’s his reaction: “First of all a huge thanks to the awesome i.materialise to run their competitions and give us all this unique opportunity to display our work and even more to the incredibly talented craftsmen that worked to ‘materialise’ my dream, You guys are great!”


Meet the designers: AmniosyA

AmniosyA, a design collective from Florence Italy made their first collection EntropyA. Read all about them.

Can you tell a little bit more about studio AmniosyA?
« AmniosyA is born as a research group focusing on architecture, design and fashion. The studio consists of five architects and one professor: Marco Carratelli, Lucia Lunghi, Elvira Perfetto, Lorenzo Pianigiani and Leonardo Pilati. The last is our indispensable mentor Marino Moretti who has joined and encouraged us and gave us his passion. »

« We all met at university where each of us had started a very similar research path. The place where our passion took its first steps were in the lectures of our professor who still follow us. After a couple of years we wanted to join forces and had to merge six different personalities. Amniosya was born in a small living room of about 15 square meters. Our interests focuses on the world of new technologies, and on the dynamic simulation used as incipit of morphological sha

First 3d printing gallery in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is getting ready for the first 3D printing exposition ever. The initiative comes from a bunch of creative entrepreneurs with a passion for 3D printing.

Do you want to find out more about the mystic world of 3D printing? Then don’t miss this exposition in Amsterdam. From the 6th of April until the 2nd of June you can enjoy the exposition ‘XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions’ which will showcase designs from i.materialise community members Ilse Vermeulen and Eric van Straaten among others like 3D printing artist Nick Ervinck who 3D printed his collection at Materialise and  Joshua Harker, famous from his Kickstarter project. With this project Ground3D wants to introduce everyone in the 3D printing Maker movement.

Our nice colleagues from .MGX added designs from the exclusive .MGX collection to show to the public, so get ready to discover high level 3D printed interior creations from top designers Xander Lust, Jiri Evenhuis, Janne Kyttanen, Bathsheba Grossman, Patrick Jo

Meet the designer: Dizingof

He is probably one the most well-known 3D designers in the 3D community and made Thingiverse his second home with more than 160 free 3D designs. Now it’s time to meet the man behind Dizingof: Asher Nahmias from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

When did you start being interested in design?
Asher Nahmias: «Basically I’m self-thought. I’ve started learning design around September 2009 when I run into a Dutch start up that offered a 3d printing service. It seemed very exciting to learn how to transform ideas and concepts into real objects. I published some of my concepts on my Youtube channel – back then they were mainly ‘cool’ accessories for iDevices.»

«I then moved to learning every piece of 3d tool/software that I could find and practically did R&D into anything 3D.. surfaces, meshes construction and augmentation etc..
I had this notion that once I have the knowledge to master mesh creation and surface manipulation I could probably design anything I set my mind to or when creativity juices

3D printing mingles with the past in Belgium’s oldest town

The Gallo-Romeins Museum, one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe, is currently holding a solo exhibition of Nick Ervinck. He is a rising star in the Belgian art world and the talent behind some truly spectacular works of 3D printed art, printed at Materialise. 

Last Friday night, I headed to Tongeren with Nick Ervinck’s project managers here at Materialise, and others on the prototyping and manufacturing team, to witness the opening of the exhibition. Although we had witnessed several of his works come off our printers over the years, there was something about seeing them set against archaeological relics that made the jaw-dropping creations more spectacular than ever. Here are some images from the exhibition and if you are in Belgium anytime before the 6th of January 2013, I highly recommend fitting in a visit to the Gallo-Romeins Museum to see The 9th Month yourself.

The exhibition, The 9th Month (De 9de Maand), includes several pieces 3D printed here at Mat