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Prepare yourself for Saint Patrick’s Day…With our green dye finish!

Our range of finishes is continuously growing and today we’re happy to introduce our green dye finish for polyamide. Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day!

We’re expanding our family of color finishes more and more. On Valentine’s day we introduced pink to you, today we’re adding green to our range. Try it out for free now, until the 3rd of April!

  • Dimensions max 200 x 200 x 180 mm
  • Pricing: 0,25€ per cm³ on top of the natural white color price + a start up of 1€ per type of model with a maximum of 20€.

Do you want to see the finish yourself?  Order some samples! It’s the best way to get a good sense of the materials. You can buy a basic sample kit or seperate samples.

With 16 materials and over 70 finishes, i.materialise offers one of the widest material ranges in the world to 3D print in. We’re always making sure our designers get the best quality offer and with our design guides on the material pages, we lead you to the finish of your design.



Intellectual Property and 3D printing

It’s great and exciting to see so many ideas coming alive at i.materialise and to notice more and more people find their way to our online service. To help people in the design process, we want to highlight the issue of Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are granted. The principal categories of IP are patents, trademarks, and copyrights. With respect to 3D printing, there are many interesting and unsettled questions about how current IP laws will be applied to this developing technology.

i.materialise strives to respect the IP rights of all third parties, like you. This is still new territory for everyone and because many of the most interesting legal questions have yet to be answered, we want to caution designers to think about IP when creating and uploading new designs.

We wish you a good time designing, creating and amazing us (like you do every day).

Thanks for passing by the i.materialise booth at Rapid Pro

We saw hundreds of curious faces passing by our booth at Rapid Pro (the annual 3D printing and in rapid prototyping event in the netherlands) and had so many interesting and inspiring conversations.

Heaps of people came to our lectures and were happy with the 10 procent discount cards we handed out. People are still amazed by the possibilaties of 3D printing. From  small figurines, iPhone covers and jewelry to the sculptures of Eric van Straaten, 3D printed shoes and lamps. People make, create and design their wildest dreams and we’re happy to showcase those pieces at events.

monomer starts 3D printed earring collection

The German based design brand monomer just started to 3D print their own earring collection in metal.

First they launched their metal ring collection, now it’s time to introduce to you to their matching earrings. They were printed in silver and (gold plated) brass, but any material is possible, really. They can even add a Swarovski stone in the middle, if people ask for it.

Meiko Hecker, monomer: ” The earrings complete our collection. If you take a good look, you can see each designs has two names: all the names are from Greek mythology. The first name stands for the volume and size of the design, the second refers to the surface and the structure. So if you want to match both earrings and ring, you just have to look at the second name.”

Polyamide: Now available in pink!

Today on Valentine’s Day, we’re introducing something new to our color/finish range of polyamide: pink! That brings us to a total of 15, which is the  amount of different options we offer to finish your favorite material.

Polyamide comes in a natural white color out of the 3D printer. But we know some of you like to bring some color into your designs.  So, we’ve added pink to our range of dyed colors. Remember, you can now also dye bigger volumes with a bounding box up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm (instead of 150 x 150 x 150 mm). What’s even more: order a large (we’re talking over 150 x 150 x 150 mm) polyamide design in a color between February 11th and March 10th  and get a 10 % discount on your next order! It’s finally time to print that huge piggy bank you’ve always wanted.

Are you eager to see and feel the pink material? Just buy one of our colored sample kits.


With 16 materials and over 70 finishes, i.materialise offers one of the widest material range

Valentine story #1: Engaged with 3D printing

There’s nothing more romantic than an engagement story involving 3D printing. When we saw this story of Joris Donders in our mailbox; we had to share it with you! 

«I’ve always been someone who tries to be creative in my own way and I couldn’t afford my proposal to be any less. I wanted to have something which would help us remind the moment every time we would look at it. A picture of course would have been too simple. At the same time I wanted something that could help me explain the question just in case that I was to nervous to say it myself. You never know how you’ll feel at such moments.»

«I didn’t exactly know what I was going to make, but then it hit me. As an engineer I knew about the 3D printing capabilities and someone pointed me towards i.materialise. I was expecting a lot of difficulties and a very high price but I couldn’t afford not to investigate. I had to know if it would be possible to design what I had in mind.»

« Deep inside my own heart lied a questi

Check out our 16 materials: starting from 0.55 euro per cm3

‘Cause we are living in a material world: Choose from the widest range, 16 materials, we have on offer. Can’t decide what to choose? Then check out our sample kit!

Discovering materials at i.materialise is pretty easy. If you want to know more about the pricing, you can just go to our 3D print lab, it’s an online instant pricing system where you can upload your model and check out the prices for your design in different materials.

With our 16 materials on offer, you really have a lot to choose from. Together with our finishes, we have 70 different combinations. The cheapest material, multicolor, only costs 0.55/cm³ (start up cost of 3€, not included). Another cheaper material is for exampe ceramics, our only food safe material; the price of ceramics is not based on the volume, but on the surface area of your model which costs -for every color-: 0.18 cm². Prime gray will cost you 1.55 euro cm³ and for polyamide; all polyamide designs that fit within a bounding box of 125 cm3 a

Students: Come and get your 10% discount at i.materialise

UPDATE: This post is from 2013. Click here for the latest promo code for students!

It can be hard for students to finance their final school projects. That’s why i.materialise wants to help: every master student gets a 10% discount on her or his thesis project.

Worldwide, students 3D print concept cars, architectural models, functional models, prototypes, and all sorts of other things with us. We really love working on those projects. So, if you’re a student at a College or University and want to use 3D printing for a thesis project, we’re giving you a 20% discount. We’re especially interested in Design Academy students, engineering students, product design graduates, and fashion students. Nevertheless, feel free to surprise us with your work from any other discipline.

However, there are some rules and remarks to get the 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT.

    • You have to be enrolled at a College, University or Technical school.
      • You must contact us using an .edu or other universit