Cappuccino lamp

A Cappuccino Lampshade by Andres Roppa coming all the way from Uruguay, check out his page @ The lamp was designed in Blender and turned out to be stunning. The design is actually an exploding cappuccino mug. Very original and one of our favorites so far! A great idea materialised. For this particular lampshade we decided to use translucent epoxy because we wanted to give it a brownish look and feel of cappuccino. Translucent Epoxy allowed us to paint the transparent shade with brownish colors making this shade a unique, one of a kind piece of art. The properties of material made it possible to make the shade semi transparent. I previously mentioned that we usually use polyamide as our preferred material for lampshades, but if we were to paint polyamide in brown, all transparency would have been lost. Translucent Epoxy is a more expensive material, and impregnating the printed model with color takes up additional time, but the achieved result is totally worth the effort. We are really happy with the achieved result with this lamp, and truly hope that Andres will enjoy his brand new lamp :,,). Alex i.materialise team