3D printing enters Dutch event ‘Prinsjesdag’ with a rubber-like hat!

Dutch Designer Emmy Jaarsma designed a hat and 3D printed it in rubber-like with our service. Today, Dutch politician Anne-Wil Lucas,  is wearing the 3D printed design during ‘Prinsjesdag’.

Prinsjesdag or Prince’s Day is traditionally the day when the reigning monarch of the Netherlands gives a speech about the main features of government policy for the coming parliamentary session. Next to the political aspect, the women, who attend the speech, wear special hats. With her 3D printed hat, Anne-Wil Lucas wants to put 3D printing in the picture and stress the importance of this technology. Take a look at the design and don’t hesitate to try out our rubber-like material! You can read the rubber-like design guide here.

© 3d Plaza

3D printed Hat © 3d Plaza

© Sander Salim


© Sander Salim