SpaceTime, a Personalized 3D-Printed Solar System

3D printing is the perfect technology for a product that needs to be customized. That’s why award-winning French artist Govy’s idea for a jewelry item that truly needs to be personalized is so smart: a pendant that shows the constellation of the solar system at your date of choice, based on data provided by NASA.


After successfully launching several Kickstarter Campaigns, French artist Govy is now back with a new product: a 3D-printed pendant that is ideal for astronomy and science lovers. Thanks to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Govy has access to incredibly accurate data that she can use to calculate the most precise positioning of each planet on its orbital path, given any particular date in time.

This interstellar pendant can be used as a jewelry item, keyring, bracelet, push-pin badge or coin. At the center of the design is the largest hole, representing the Sun and is made to be big enough to allow a chain to go through.


Based on the date of your choice, a software will create a custom 3D model with the exact position of all the planets circulating the sun at that point in time. The orbital paths are illustrated by concentric etched lines and their sizes and distances are schematized. The Sun and our 8 planets are represented by small holes.


This 3D file will then be sent to i.materialise where it can be printed in a number of materials such as plastics, brass, gold, steel, bronze, silver, titanium or aluminum.


Govy developed this product for those who want to have a memento to remind them of a special day in their lives, whether it be a birthday, a wedding, an outstanding day in human history, or any other date that is meaningful to you. The project is live on Kickstarter right now. So if you would like to make this project a success make sure to back Govy’s newest crowdfunding project here.