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 |''​finishID''​ |String (36) format: GUID |Yes |Finish ID| |''​finishID''​ |String (36) format: GUID |Yes |Finish ID|
 |''​quantity''​ |Integer |Yes |Number of ordered items| |''​quantity''​ |Integer |Yes |Number of ordered items|
-|''​totalPrice''​ |Decimal(2) |Yes |Total Price|+|''​unitPrice''​ |Decimal(2) |Yes |Unit Price| 
 +|''​totalPrice''​ |Decimal(2) |Yes |Total Price = Unit Price * Quantity|
 |''​isOrderItemCancelled''​ |Boolean |Yes |Indication if an Item was cancelled by Support Engineer| |''​isOrderItemCancelled''​ |Boolean |Yes |Indication if an Item was cancelled by Support Engineer|