3D Printing and Iris van Herpen’s Biopiracy Fashion Show in Paris

Iris van Herpen

Everything about Iris van Herpen’s Biopiracy Fashion Show in Paris was impressive, the setting, the music, the shrink wrapped models, and of course, the 3D printed, flexible dress!

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How Many Ways Can You Bring an Aardvark to Life?

Aardvark by Paul Lopes

Meet the Aardvark, a story about persevering with an idea. For sure many of you had various passions when you were kids. Perhaps you even drew pictures of them (back then we were all great artists, weren’t we?).
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Thanks for visiting us at Rapid Pro 2014


We have always believed (and still do) that people feel the need to express themselves, more than ever before, in a world where standardization seems to be the rule. Just returning from this year’s Rapid Pro, the annual 3D printing event in the Netherlands, it’s always great to see that people are looking for original ways to add personal touches to their lives, to differentiate themselves, and to make the world around them a little bit more their own.

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Blueberries anyone?


Some people might eat them…some people might wear them! 3D printing offers an endless world of possibilities and fashion is definitely benefiting from it. At least that’s what jewelry maker Markéta Richterová and designer Zbynek Krulich thought while incorporating 3D printing in their artwork. They launched the Blueberries brand in 2012 and they have been producing exquisite jewels and accessories ever since.

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Meet the designer: Elise Luttik


Meet Industrial Designer Elise Luttik from Amsterdam, founder of eli5e, a design studio specialized in 3D printed designs that will make you smile.

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And the Winner of the Slot Car Challenge is…


Brian Hamilton with ‘Arthropeda’ which is, according to the designer, primarily inspired by the morphology of the earliest known group of extinct arthropods that form the class Trilobita. Although the design of ‘Arthropoda’ is seemingly paradoxical, the concept of merging the physical structure of a prehistoric creature with the bold, aerodynamic styling of a modern-day supercar resulted in a form that appears evocatively symbiotic.

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The First Ever Fusion of Cricket and 3D Printing


At the end of last year, we called out to all innovators and 3D printing enthusiasts to stretch their capabilities and try their hands on this pioneering project: Re-inventing cricket accessory design using 3D printing. Witness now for the first time ever how 3D printing can be used in a real game of cricket. The helmets, the stumps, the ball and the toe guards were all 3D printed and used in the game.

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3D Printshow New York was a blast!

3D Printshow New York

Last week’s 3D Printshow in New York was a total blast, starting from the live catwalk of printed fashion up to all the demonstrations for any products visitors could possibly imagine. It felt so great to see an ever growing and vibrant crowd interested in 3D printing.

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Join us at RapidPro and learn how to boost your business with 3D printing


Next week, for the 3rd year in a row, we’ll be attending the RapidPro Conference in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Come and check us out at booth 131 and learn how to boost your business with our 3D printing APIs.

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We ♥ your Valentine’s Day 3D printed products


Our team wishes you amazing and unforgettable moments with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Ah, l’amour!

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