3D printing in gold possible

It seems like only yesterday that we were the first 3D printing service in the world to launch 3D printing in titanium. In fact it was. But, today we learned about the Concept Laser Mlab, this 3D printer uses a process called Selective Laser Melting to 3D print gold. This is also a world first. Things in 3D printing going fast much?

Below is the first image of the new Concept Laser Mlab.

Previously you could gold plate steel 3D prints in gold and there was also the lost wax method. With lost wax you 3D print a wax mold and this is then replaced by pouring in melted gold. But, Concept Laser’s Mlab actually 3D prints the gold. The technical term for the process they use is cusing. Laser cusing was initially intended to make molds and so far nearly all laser cusing machines have been used that way. But Concept Laser’s machine is now intended for the direct production of jewlery in stainless steel and gold. A machine that 3D prints wedding rings, sometimes I still can’t get my head around it. The gold 3D printer is also meant for the dental market. Below is a rendering of one of the first jewlery pieces they want to present in March.

Laser cusing works when a laser melts gold powder in a nitrogen filled build chamber. A new layer is applied and this proces repeats itself. The process is slow but the parts are very dense.

Concept Laser will release its machine in March. You can see the Mlab gold 3D printer in action at IDS in Cologne & Baselworld show.

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The ring design & rendering is by Design Engineering for Concept Laser.

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